The international championship – The World Series Of Vaping – is the global project of the vaping industry.

The championship is held in a number of major world centers and is going to come to provincial towns. The event brings together crowds of its followers, including participants and spectators.

Вейп Экспо Москва - Вейп-чемпионат

It means that the audience of TWSOV project is expanding day by day, making it the global platform that unites all vaping consumers. This growth is also encouraged by other Smile-Expo projects, such as:

Cooperation with TWSOV projects gives the following prospects

  • Brand popularization, awareness increase.
  • Promotion of products on the market.
  • Interaction with the target audience.

TWSOV project will allow you to draw vapers’ attention efficiently:

  • to announce novelties and company events;
  • to organize special offers;
  • to propel consumer demand.

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