29 September 2017
Thailand: all inclusive except for vaping
Thailand: all inclusive except for vaping
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What associations does Thailand evoke for you? Free manners, vivid nightlife without any limitation, doesn’t it?

However, even this country has some leisure and entertainment restrictions. It refers to vaping: no matter who you are, either a Thailand citizen or a tourist, you will have to pay the fine off or go to jail in case of vaping.

According to one of foreign publications, all UK travel agencies selling tours in Thailand should inform customers of this vaping ban. For instance, one of managers at the Langley Travel agency knew nothing about the ban until her nephew went to jail for vaping. The guy had to pay 215 pounds in order to walk free. Since then, the manager has been always focusing on selling Thailand trips.

Запрет на вейпинг в Тайланде

And this is not the single case. Previous year, the Russian tourist got busted. He was vaping in plain view of the guide who didn’t say him anything about the ban. At the police station, the young man could examine the law, according to which he had either to pay the fine or to serve time in prison up to three years. If people vape within sight of police officers, they go to prison for 5 years. Selling of vaping devices and e-liquids supposes 10-year prison term. The tourist had no issue with police but thousands of questions to the travel agency providing services.

Besides vaping, there is the hookah ban in Thailand. Police officers often check local venues in order to catch red-handed both restaurant staff and customers.


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