29 September 2017
VAPEXPO Kiev 2017: cloud chasing, Vape Verdict, and giveaway e-liquids!
VAPEXPO Kiev 2017: cloud chasing, Vape Verdict, and giveaway e-liquids!
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Are you looking forward to TWSOV vape championship? Or do you simply want to have a cool party among people like you? A large-scale vape event VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 will take place from September 30 to October 1!

VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 is an international exhibition, dedicated to vaping industry. It brings together everyone whose morning starts with vaping rather than coffee: from simple laymen to top manufacturers.

Apart from vape championship TWSOV, loads of other vape activities are waiting for you at VAPEXPO Kiev 2017:

  • giveaway e-liquids from Enjoy Juice – the first 300 attendees will receive a bottle of the most delicious author’s e-liquid from Enjoy Smoke vape shop chain!
  • Vape Tricks Show – crazy vapor tricks from the professional tricker Tony Tornado!
  • workshop on coil building from Ilya Makurin, a top-class coil builder, winner in the speed coil building contest, and prizewinner of WSOV will teach you to make the best and highest quality coils!
  • beer contest Beer Pong – fun competition with craft beer!

The program of VAPEXPO Kiev 2017 also includes the unique Vape Verdict, where the most popular vape bloggers in the CIS region will review e-liquids and devices, as well as the awards ceremony for the best vape manufacturers – Vape Awards!

Do not miss the coolest gathering for vapers – VAPEXPO Kiev 2017! It starts at 11:00 (both days) in Kyiv International Exhibition Centre.

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