We have analyzed the Russian and foreign market and supplemented the list of disciplines of The World Series Of Vaping international championship with the new ones, becoming the most popular and high-demand among the vaping community. As the result, we have selected four aspects and divided one of them into four subcategories. Therefore, TWSOV championship participants can qualify for seven nominations!

Over several years, one has been improving descriptions and conditions of each competition based on independent tournaments of vape events held by Smile-Expo.

And here are the details of disciplines and categories of The World Series Of Vaping championship!

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CLOUD CONTEST is a competition task, consisting of several categories. Championship participants are obliged to take part in one of them.

Participants of Cloud Contest obligatory discipline should blow off maximally long vapor clouds using e-cigs strictly horizontally along a marking scale.

Cloud Contest includes four categories:

  • Men’s up to 80 kg;
  • Men’s over 80 kg;;
  • Women’s;
  • Unlimited.

Participants conduct the competition task two by two. They should stand back to back and sideways to judges against the banner with a horizontal marking for measuring clouds produced by two competitors at the same time.

Clouds are measured in centimeters according to the banner scale to a precision of +/-5 cm.

Participants have three attempts to show their skills in the discipline.

All categories of Cloud Contest obligatory discipline, except for the Unlimited category, have a range of technical requirement for devices:

  1. Only two-coil vaporizers with the minimal resistance of 0.1 Ohm.
  2. Only 0.65 mm diameter wire.
  3. Only RDAs, RDTAs, and RTA with the maximum output of 120 W.
  4. Only mechanical mods with a single 18650 battery. The amount of replaceable (extra) batteries is unlimited.
  5. Participants should build their coils on site. After coil building, all devices are sealed in packages, specifying their owners, and are given to the responsible party until the start of the competition task. Devices are returned to their owners strictly before the contest in order to avoid possible exchange.
  6. The technical staff checks devices for compliance with the specified requirements according to the regulation on the admission to the contest. If the examination is passed successfully, the responsible party puts a positive mark (+) in the judge’s table in the Control section opposite to the participant bar.

Men’s up to 80 kg category of Cloud Contest will involve experienced male cloud chasers weighing over 80 kg.


Men’s up to 80 kg category of Cloud Contest will involve experienced male cloud chasers weighing up to 80 kg.


Women’s category of Cloud Contest will involve experienced female cloud chasers.


Unlimited category of Cloud Contest will involve beginning cloud chasers. Technical requirements for devices in this category are absent.


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