The World Series Of Vaping (TWSOV) is not just a cool international vape championship but a global project of the e-cig industry. It is created by Smile-Expo in order to promote this trend throughout the world. The company has organized the comprehensive platform, allowing to provide the vaping community with relevant information regarding coming championships as well as other industry events and news.

TWSOV project is the organization coordinating and controlling all vaping championships. Its tasks include the following:

  1. Establishment of The World Series Of Vaping international brand.
  2. Development of the single championship concept.
  3. Drawing up single championship rules and conditions.
  4. Monitoring of compliance of single rules, conditions, regulations, and concept of the championship.
  5. Informational support of championships.
  6. Informing the target audience of coming events and other vaping news.

The World Series Of Vaping project is supported by popular specialized events organized by Smile-Expo:


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